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100 Best Hair Trends for 2017


We do not look only at the clothing, nor consider only shoes and handbags the main accessories. We also love to keep tabs on the 2017 hairstyle trends that are displayed throughout the different Fashion Weeks, ranging from the sleek to the chic, the perfect coifs and the undone designs.

No matter how we end up dressing, we really should stick to the trending hairstyles for 2017 in order to really stand out as the fashionistas we are at heart. After all, people will be staring around our faces for the most part, making your work put into the beauty aspect here will certainly not go unnoticed.

These new haircuts are awesome. And if you like one, please share it your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Also you can check out these dresses and try it with your new hairstyle…


    • Quote your whining and go to a link for women of color. I can’t tell you how many sites only have hair and makeup just for women of color. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I just know that link isn’t for me. Pull the pacifier out of your mouth and quit looking outside yourself for validation.

      • I’m sorry that women of color were not represented in this article. Despite the previous comments I think it’s only fair that an article such as this should represent all hair types. And in response to people finding a “double standard” with BET and such, surely there must be some awareness that outlets such as those came about due to the lack of representation for other ethnic groups. Perhaps if we lived in a truly integrated society things such as that would not need to exist. And this is all coming from a white person.

    • I’m sorry that so many of the people that replied on here had some truly prejudice and unrealistic views on where people of color should go for hair styles. The point is that these links should be all inclusive if they boast that these are the “best hair styles of 2016.” So we only see one race represented, does that mean the best hair styles only apply to this group???? Obviously segregation continues on the Internet and many people are ok with that. There should’ve been a more diverse depiction if there isn’t anything saying “for whites only”…maybe one day this won’t be seen as whining but will be taken into consideration. Until then, we can’t keep accepting this shit. AND this is coming from a Native American with long beautiful strong hair just looking for some ideas. Ha!

    • Just because none of the pictures are specifically for women of color doesn’t mean a women of color can’t rock those hair styles. Your skin color doesn’t decide wether or not you can have a certain hair style.

    • Ignoring all the ignorant comments, these hairstyles could work for black women too because their are black women with hair like this who are able to do so. Even if you have Natural hair, it’s easy to do a variation that works for your hair type

    • What the hell is wrong with all of you? Do you actually repeat your thoughts in your head before you say or type them, or do you just go with whatever racist opinion happens to fly out of your mouth? How is it that out of all the television channels that are available you guys have a problem with one being devoted to black culture? You are a disgrace to the human race.

    • How about people stop complaining and do specific searches for what you want. There is never going to be a site that can make EVERYONE happy. As for instructions….. This is call hair trends…. Nothing has been said about dys hair trends. Or hair trends with instructions. So stop whining. Personally I agree there should be more than just white woman. But again…. Be more specific in your search.

    • You are right and these ignorant comments are just plain bitchy.
      Your suggestion for diversity is valid and your observation that there was a lack of diversity in this post was also valid.

    • I’d have to agree with the fact that your comment was ignorant along with almost everyone’s reply. Woman of color DOES NOT MEAN JUST BLACK WOMEN! There are plenty of woman that are not white, that are clearly some other ethnicity. (Which means, yes there are woman of color in this post.) Woman of color means ANY other ethnicity that is not white.

    • I agree Chanti, this is a post about hairstyles for white women or whatever it would be called, its 2016s most trendiest hairstyles, which should include woc hairstyles.

  1. Different hairstyles are an inexpensive way of looking good, so it’s nice to see 100 different options even if most of them do look slightly the same.

  2. You ladies must not be seeing the dame pics as me. We don’t Gabe to include hairstyles for women of color in every post. They certainly don’t do that for fair skinned people in Ebony magazine and others specifically for dark skinned people

    • White people already have rights. Saying that whites people don’t is like saying that straight people need to have movements like pride for them because they’re “oppressed.” Yes white people can experience situations where people are being rude to them due to their skin color but it doesn’t happen often not to the extent that it does for people of color.

  3. I don’t ever comment on these but I thought pintrest was to pin things you like on your own boards. So, if you see something you don’t like it don’t pin it or follow it. If you want something for yourself then search and Google it. Don’t depend on others to do it for you. It’s really that simple. Hairstyles can be worn with any hair color or age. It’s up to you on how old you want to look.

  4. I thought pintrest was to pin and follow things you like? Hairstyles are worn in color of hair and at any certain age. Texture and length are obviously different. So if there is something you are “pinterested” in shouldn’t you search and Google it and pin it to your own board? Not criticize what someone else took the time to researched and pinned on their own board. Just asking.

  5. These arnt *Hair Trends* These are just photos of the same old styles and color we’ve seen for yrs in any bride to be, special occasion, and holiday special edition mag.

  6. This was 3 minutes of my life I can never get back. ??. It’s Pinterest folks…. I teach high school students all day long… My students treat each other better than this….enjoy your “Pinteresting” and keep rude comments for your facebook!

  7. Does the negativity come from the fact that your own hairstyle isn’t currently considered a trend?? Geeeez.

    The majority of these pictures are simply styles or color options. And it’s called a TREND which means it’s what people like right now. Obviously, long hair is what’s “in”. The title wasn’t “trends for every length or ethnicity”.

    Personally, I didn’t expect to see anything I could do with my current “do” because of the style of cut I chose a few months back. Much to my surprise, pic 31 is the exact cut I have on my hair and how I style it. And I’m almost 40.

    Woohoo – I’m trendy and didn’t even know it! Lol.

  8. Wow. The comments are a sad read. One woman points out how out of 100 styles we saw nothing for the naturally textured hair of earth-toned women, and sooo much ignorance and hatred and disunity surfaced. Please be aware that when you feel the need to attack someone for a simple suggestion the Enemy is actually within yourself. Legions of enemies from pride, to hatred and anything in between are lurking in Your own inner shadows. Shine some light on that shit and stop being so nasty. Let’s post some more options and cater to everyone. Simple.

  9. I am a hairdresser, all these styles can be done on Black or white people! It’s a shame they’ve only been done on White people! But hey! Shit happens!


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